Dad BEATS UP Daycare workers...

For what they allegedly did...

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Rumors say this Father beat up the daycare workers because they locked his daughter in a dark room by herself. VIDEO IS SHOCKING.

A ROTTEN politician was trying to BRIBE Kari Lake. We have the LEAKED AUDIO.

Want to see a terrorist get blown up by a drone? It’s pretty cool. Video here.

If you love America, then you probably like attractive women who don’t have a penis. Here’s a whole page filled of REAL WOMEN in bikinis or yoga pants. One even has a massive GUN! HOT!!!!! She’s my favorite. Check out the pics!

Our offer of the day is something Joe Biden should think about taking, because he’s probably needed this 50 years ago! Don’t be like Joe. Get your advantage now so you don’t end up spitting word salads with Kamala Harris! LMAO!

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